leichtathlketik im wandel mit nbl

Verfasser : G.Sonnemann , Sportanalyst , Berlin Dez. 2013

D. Calculation of part heights in the high - jump

                                    ( version 2014 )


The enlarged version 2014 considers above all that all movements take place in the high jump in the 3 - dimensional space.



The high jump height is determined by many performance signs.


This are primarily :

                            -  run-up speed

                            -  reserve corner  and jump corner

                            -  jump speed

                            -  jump strength

                            -  jump time

                            -  application of the swing elements


The logical mutual influencing of these performance signs is known.

Nevertheless, the effect of the change of single parameters on the whole height in cm  has not been described yet.


With the following model calculation the factors of influence on general are led back mathematically / physical connections.

Thus is to be seen, how much itself, for example, the change of the jump corner or the run-up speed in  cm  on the jump height knead.                         


In IV./2. if the calculation of the part heights is introduced in German version in extracts.

It can be judged thus concrete athlete`s performances, or hit also general theoretical statements.


If you have interest in the full version of the model calculation, adress please :