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Verfasser : G.Sonnemann, Sportanalyst , Berlin,

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C. new high jump technique -  rotary jump

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The technique of the

                                   "  rotary jump  "

consists of a curve approach and the crossbar crossing by a rotation around the body transverse axis, similar toa salto.

The jump is performed with a flexed swing leg.

Thus, a higher starting speed can be achieved in height.

In addition, the jumper gets an additional jump impulse by resolution of the curve-like approach.

No force impulse is lost,because the jumper jumps off exactly  in the direction of the starting speed.

The movement of the jumper is much greater in the belly over the bar than in the supine position over the bar,as with the flop.

The traverse of the individual body parts one after the other over the crossbar causes the body centre of gravity ( CM ) to sink considerably.

The American sports scientist R.Hay speaks by CM-height of up to minus 20 cm below the bar height .

The US-American jumper Robert Avent showed in 1961 that is possible to cross the slats salto - like.

See the video :

www.efootage.com/stock-footage/77965/High Jump At Amateur Athletic

An increase in performance of 13 cm is to be expected.


( 12/2018) .