leichtathletik im wandel mit nbl

Verfasser : G.Sonnemann , Sportanalyst , Berlin , Dez. 2012

B. the free combined event - called " free triathon event"


( full-version in I./ T 2 )



The multi-eventers do not get the attention they deserve.


This is also due to the fact that they can  only do a  combined-event about three times a  year .

This can be improved by introduction of a  " short combined event " .

The new discipline called " free triathlon-event " should consist of :


               -  high jump

               -  shot put

               - 100m / 400m / 110 m h ( 100 m h )


where the athlete can freely choose the running discipline.


The runnuing discipline is the lost one,where each athlete runs alone,so the athlete and the spectators know exactly how fast to run to win the competition.

The tension is thus increased.


In the shot put each athlete  has 3 attemps. In the high jump each athlete can select 3 heights, with always 3 attemps.



With this new competition the multi-eventers can compete much more often and thus gain more public attention. 

( 12/2018 )